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Born and raised in Jerusalem, married and have two wonderful kids, the elder "Omar", although he's only four year old but he's crazy about something called fish and marine life, and I'm sure you can guess why :) he's never bored of watching Nemo can even tell you ten different versions of the same movie.

My field of study and work is Information Technology, so going out to nature is my escape from technology, computer and materialism

I started scuba diving in late August 2004. I had been engaged for five months, and I wanted to have one last crazy adventure before settling down and getting married - thinking that marriage would tie me up and that I wouldn’t be able to do anything crazy anymore. But, of course, I was mistaken because I found out that my wife, God bless her, is very understanding of my adventurous nature, and she has become my supporter, my encourager, and my inspiration. And ever since, scuba diving has become my second world - where I must humbly comply with its unique rules - my sanctuary, my escape, and my place of meditation amidst the magnificent beauty of Allah’s creation.

The idea of taking photos underwater came to me in November 2007 during one of my scuba dives, when I thought to myself, “Why not share this beautiful, amazing underwater world with the rest of the world and be the first Palestinian Under Water Photographer?”

In this Web Site I put the effort of tens of hours of scuba diving and hundreds of pictures taken underwater at various times of the day and night, during various periods of the year.


Loay Rayyan